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Riding the Wave of the Second Chakra

Chakras, the Sanskrit word for wheel, are energy centers running along the spine. There are seven main chakras tied to places in the body, feelings and experiences. Chakras can’t be seen with the naked eye yet affect our physical and mental wellbeing. Learn more about the first chakra here.

The second chakra is truly my favorite and one of the most challenging for me when doing yoga and in life. There is a common yoga phrase that says the poses we resist the most are what we need to do the most. I also think of it as the poses I resist the most may reflect where I am currently struggling in life. Poses that open the hips are tied to the second chakra and relationships, emotions and sexuality. I was going through a difficult part of my life and a very long relationship I had was ending. Anytime I got on my mat and did a hip opener like pigeon, I fought it. Doing these types of poses, I would I completely fall apart. I’d either clench my jaw and scream internally or I would honestly cry. My second chakra was speaking to me very loudly.

Located in the hips and lower back the second or sacral chakra is also called Svadhisthana. Representing our feelings and sexuality, the sacral chakra’s key traits include:

  • The color orange and the water element

  • Characteristics include feminine energy, polarities, opposites and change

  • Defines movement, our relationship to self gratification and guilt, the connection to others and self, our emotional intelligence

  • Influences ideas on pleasure, emotions, boundaries, sex and desire

“Daring to set boundaries is having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.” Brené Brown

Here is a yoga sequence for your second chakra. I recommend each pose for 5 deep breaths through the nose. This is a personal practice to connect your body, mind and breath so go slow and do what feels best to you. Try it when you have been sitting a lot, need to boost creativity, connect to your feminine energy or when you need some self care. Listen closely to the even flow of your breath and keep both your hips and jaw muscles relaxed and buoyant, as if floating in the ocean. The intention with this flow is to embrace joy in the present moment and experience playfulness with these poses.

A Yoga Sequence for Your Hips and Second Chakra

Mantras to repeat while doing this flow:

  • I allow myself to experience joy

  • I am worthy of pleasure

  • I maintain healthy boundaries

  • I have new ideas and creativity

  • I can flow through change with ease

The past ten years I’ve studied and taken workshops on the chakras including a week long intensive program at Kripalu. I continuously experiment with my individual practice and how certain poses feel in my body and with my emotions. I incorporate this in my classes and offer both private sessions and chakra workshops to studios. If you’d like to learn more, please email me.

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