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Connecting with my Root Chakra

I love yoga for many reasons. How I feel after class, my body a good tired and my mind calm. Learning more about the origin, history and depth of yoga plus teaching. One area truly sparked my interest, the chakras.

Chakras, the Sanskrit word for wheel, are energy centers running along the spine. They can’t be seen by the naked eye or with medical instruments. They are felt physically and emotionally and are open or blocked based on past traumas and life experiences. When open, energy can move freely in the body and we live in an ideal state of well-being and harmony. While this may sound esoteric or mystical, try something. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and palms pressing together in front of your heart. Slowly move your hands apart and feel the warm energy still “connecting” your hands. The energy can’t be seen yet exists, between the hands and throughout the body. Chakras help make meaning in our own lives and connect the body, mind, soul and breath.

At the base of the spine is the first or root chakra, also called Muladhara. Representing our foundation, the root chakra’s key traits include:

  • The color red and the earth element

  • Associated with the lower half of the body (tailbone, legs, feet)

  • Defines physical identity, health, security, stability, trust and fear

  • Influences ideas on money, family, home, sleep and food (basic needs)

To tap into the first chakra, I put together a short yoga sequence. I recommend each pose for 5 deep breaths through the nose. This is a personal practice with the goal of understanding your body and mind, so do what feels best to you. Try it in the morning before a busy day, when you need focus for a project or if you feel restless and anxious. Pay attention to your breath and body parts touching the ground. Imagine directly connecting to mother nature and the life it provides. The goal here (besides nice, strong legs) is to center and ground yourself with the stability and resilience of earth's energy.

While breathing and moving, repeat these affirmations throughout the sequence:

I am centered.

I am grounded.

I am safe.

I am confident.

  1. Mountain Pose

  2. Forward Fold

  3. Chair Pose

  4. Warrior 1 to Warrior 3

  5. Chair Pose

  6. Warrior 1 to Warrior 3 (other side)

  7. Chair Pose

  8. Tree Pose (each side)

  9. Downward Dog

  10. Hero Pose

  11. Staff Pose

  12. Easy Seated Pose

The past twelve years I’ve studied and taken workshops on the chakras including a week long intensive program at Kripalu. I continuously experiment with my individual practice and how certain poses feel in my body and emotions. I incorporate this in my classes and offer both private sessions and chakra workshops. If you’d like to learn more, please contact me.

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