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Flourishing with less

I was in my garden this morning trimming back some pea plants. The plants were doing well, just a little top-heavy and starting to lean. There were cute little buds of flowers indicating peas yet to sprout. Still I got the scissors out. I cut the plants back to help them grow even stronger. To lessen the weight, stand straighter, and provide even more delicious veggies. Life can be like that as well. Sometimes we need to trim back, sometimes we flourish with less.

I love all things personal growth. I am often reflecting, meditating, or journaling about ways to evolve. Thinking about what is going on in life, and asking is this helping me expand or is it having me contract. Are there things holding back your own growth? Just like my pea plants, sometimes in life we need to cut back on certain things to grow stronger, and to feel more fulfillment.

It’s not always easy to identify what needs trimming, and it can be even harder to take action. Here are a few examples I've had clients share in coaching sessions or experiences in my own life.

  1. Negative Relationships: This is a hard one to work through. Are there relationships in your life that drain your energy and hinder your progress? That after spending time with the person you just feel yucky. Sometimes, distancing yourself from toxic individuals can create space for more positive and supportive connections or inner peace through solitude.

  2. Unproductive Habits: We all have habits that don’t serve us well. Whether it's excessive screen time, poor dietary choices (hello, I have a massive sweet tooth!), stagnation, or procrastination. Think about your day-to-day and what you'd like to do differently. Identifying and addressing these habits can lead to significant improvements in our well-being and productivity. My own one mini change at a time. Small steps, slowly over time.

  3. Limiting Beliefs: Our minds are powerful, and the beliefs we hold can either move us forward or hold us back. I've been doing a lot of mindset and reframing work lately, especially around money. It is really powerful! Think about the stories you tell yourself on repeat. Reflect on the thoughts that limit your potential. A big one is I'm not XYZ enough (good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, experienced enough, young enough, etc). These stories stop us from achieving our dreams! Can you begin to look at them from a new perspective and replace them with empowering ones? Again, start small and be gentle with yourself.

  4. Overcommitment: If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. It's easy to fall into the trap of saying yes even when we mean no. Overcommitting can lead to burnout and stress. Evaluate your time and what truly matters. Learn to say no when necessary to protect your energy. Two techniques I've been using lately are slowing down communicating yes or no, and responding from a place of neutral rather than an emotional high or low.

Life, much my like a garden, requires tending to. Before embarking on any of these changes, show yourself some grace. Reflect kindly and take intentional action to help you expand. Cutting things back doesn't mean you’re losing something. Instead, it's about making room for new opportunities. Doing even a small something today your future self will thank you for.

Summer Garden Snap Pea Plants

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