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Trust your inner wisdom

I've been mulling over an important decision lately and considered pulling a tarot card to gain some insights. I love tarot cards. They give me a different look into how I am feeling. I think of them as one of the many ways the outside world can support my inner growth and knowledge. The same goes for books, podcasts, guided meditations, crystals, even saging my house - the list of resources I have can go on and on!

As I contemplated this decision and what could help, I had a bit of a lightbulb moment - or perhaps just the thought of "enough". Why couldn't I connect with myself on my own and see how the decision feels within me, in my own mind and more importantly, in my own body? I needed to follow the feelings. I needed to listen to me, first.

There's an abundance of ways to help ourselves, ways to learn what we need and foster our personal growth. With that can come a lot of outside noise. An example that resonated with me was this: How often do you wake up in the morning and check your phone for the weather instead of simply looking outside? Noticing how the weather feels on your skin, using your own eyes to observe what's happening. This struck me because, yes, I do that. When did our own experience become not enough? When did external influences become more important than what's inside each of us?

This might seem amusing, coming from someone who is a yoga teacher and life coach. My entire business is built on helping others tap into their own greatness and navigate change. I'm not suggesting that seeking support isn't essential in life. It absolutely is - we don't live alone on islands. Help from others can be profoundly beneficial. What I am saying though, is trust yourself. Tap into your own intuition, and listen to your body and mind first. Turning away from all the external influences in life and coming inward. This can significantly alter the way you make decisions.

If you're also contemplating a decision or change, try this brief exercise.

Sit quietly for a few moments with your eyes closed. Allow your body to relax and become comfortable. Notice where your body is in contact with the ground or chair. Focus on your breath, listening to it moving in and out. Concentrate on your body and breath as much as possible, diverting your attention from the noise in your head.

Begin to visualize the decision you're working through. Imagine yourself wholeheartedly saying "yes" to this decision. What sensations arise in your body? How do your shoulders, chest, belly and hips respond? Do you sense excitement and expansion coursing through your body? Do you feel energized, or does a sagging sensation occur? With some pain or tension, as if you're closing yourself off.

Now, return to the question in your mind. Picture yourself saying "no." How does your body react then? Are there any changes? Does the "no" feel more resonant or more dissonant to you?

The goal is to listen to what your body has to say. Often, our body understands what's best for us and what we truly desire before our mind catches up. Notice the sensations that arise inside of you as you think about change or even just go through your daily life. Trusting your own inner wisdom before seeking answers outside yourself is essential. Come home to yourself first, then maybe look to the outside.

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