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Start the week with a positive mindset

Returning to work after a long weekend may feel like a challenge. I’m at the end of Thanksgiving break where I’ve taken daily naps, watched movies, visited with family and relaxed. Now two themes are on my mind. How to start Monday strong and enjoy every day, not just the weekend.

In mindfulness we work on staying present and paying attention to the right now without judgment. Creating space to choose our reactions and focus on what is going well instead of wrong. Imagine going to work with that mental shift. Concentrating on a specific project and avoiding distractions. Letting go of negativity around your to-do list or tasks that may not excite you. Remembering the positive (you have a great job, you are capable). Imagine the possibilities with a favorable change in your mindset. How would your day feel?

Mindfulness is available to all of us. Starting a mindfulness practice (called practice for a reason!) is free and easy yet takes consistency. Over time it can provide a number of benefits to your professional and personal life. To begin, simply sit comfortably with your eyes closed, listen to your breath and focus only on this moment. Let go of needing to change anything, just be.

In addition to experimenting with mindfulness, here are 5 tips to avoid the Sunday Scaries and have a great week.

  • Wake up early. I know, this is hard after a long weekend! Giving yourself a few extra minutes to not rush, go through email and prioritize your to-do list in the morning makes a difference.

  • Set daily goals and things you want to accomplish. This keeps you organized and finishing items creates a sense of satisfaction and motivation.

  • Spend time with someone inspiring. Grab in person (or virtual) coffee, go for a walk together or share a meal. Unable to meet with someone? Tune into an uplifing Podcast. My favorites include Brené Brown and Jay Shetty.

  • Take a few breaks to step away from work and reconnect with yourself. For 5 minutes shake out your body, stand up tall, enjoy some deep breaths and slow down. Repeat a positive affirmation if that resonates with you such as “My mind is at peace” “Everything I do today is enough” or “I can handle whatever today gives me”.

  • Prioritize your wellbeing. Eat nourishing foods, drink lots of water, move the body and most importantly sleep.

It is easy to get overwhelmed or jump ahead to the weekend. Doing that though we miss out on the good in every day and the opportunity to shine at work. Shift your perspective towards positivity and fulfillment. Try new ways to embrace daily life fully. Be patient too, change takes time and a little grace with yourself goes a long way.

One more tip? Watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee.

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