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Remembering how to feel grounded

I have 3 days left in Portugal. It has been amazing. I’ve spent weekdays in Lisbon and weekends off to new places. Walking to yoga classes with really great teachers. Enjoying the cafes and pastries. Climbing the many hills. Exploring different neighborhoods. I’ve visited a castle in the historic town of Sintra, fell in love with Porto, walked along the promenade in Cascais and rejuvenated myself in the Algarve sunshine. Portugal is dreamy and full of culture. Everything from the graffiti to the ancient architecture feels like an expression of art, beauty, love and life.

Over the course of the month I’ve felt grateful to be here. And ungrounded. Arriving in a small seaside town yesterday, I slowed down and realized how off I was feeling. My inner foundation was in need of a recharge.

I’m currently in Albufeira for 4 days. Best known as a summer vacation spot and bit of a party town on the southern coast. Right now though it is off season and quiet. I was able to get a hotel with a view of the ocean away from the downtown. Downtown is funny to think after being in Lisbon. There are a few streets filled with mostly closed for the winter bars and restaurants. Winter is also funny since the last 2 days have been sunny and 60 degrees. Delightful to be outside in.

Lisbon is a busy city. Even with all the yoga I’ve taken and truly enjoying myself, I haven’t felt my best. Being by the ocean with the quiet and slower pace, I am more grounded, focused and energized. More in touch with what I need. My foundation feels solid.

There is a lot of power in understanding what we need to be secure. Knowing what our own personal foundation is and choosing ourself.

The first step in building a solid foundation is to define what it means to you. What are ways that you feel centered, grounded and focused? When do you feel the most secure and connected? Take some time to think and journal these questions.

What are you doing?

Where are you located?

Who are you with?

How does it feel in your body?

What emotions are present?

What do you truly need versus what is just nice to have?

When ready, consider the things listed you do on a daily basis. What already exists and what could you add to your routine? Are there new ways to maintain a strong foundation? Especially when challenges hit and you feel off balance, over stimulated or unfocused.

I know I can’t always be at a hotel listening to the ocean waves. However there are aspects of why I feel good right now. The last few days reminded me what I need for stability. Fresh air, sunshine, warm weather to be outside, nature, the ocean, long walks and wide open spaces. Slowing down and paying attention to what my body and intuition tell me. When I am back home this expands to habits promoting my wellbeing and connecting with people who I love and inspire me. Doing things that fill my soul.

Whether we intentionally move out of our normal routine (like when traveling) or life just happens and we get off course, having a solid foundation is essential. Remembering we have the power and choice to get clear and act on what we need. Staying focused to feel secure and strong plus having a support system when we need help. It is reassuring to know where ever we are, with a solid foundation we can return to ourselves.

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