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Release Your Super Powers

There is a superhero inside all of us.

The challenge is silencing the other chatter and letting them out.

When was the last time you felt truly powerful? Brave and proud, knowing you could handle what came to you. What was the situation? Were you alone or with others? At working, traveling or home? Did you accomplished a long term goal or was it a moment that just happened?

What if you could harness that feeling daily? What would change in your life? Inside every single one of us super powers exist. They are different in everyone as no two people are the same. Yet we all have them and they help us achieve great things for ourselves and others. Maybe you know what your super powers are. Or maybe they are hiding under layers of stories, past experiences or perceived failures leaving you afraid to shine.

Coaching is about releasing your potential and looking forward. We start by analyzing the current situation and where you want to go. Creating focus and clarity, defining goals and desired outcomes then putting an action plan into place. Using this approach and going deep. What is holding you back and how can you overcome it? What are your strengths and how to leverage them for personal and professional fulfillment? It takes time, work and the ability to be truly vulnerable.

Try this short exercise to tap into your own superhero. Begin by standing up tall. There is a connection between the body and mindset - also known as a somatic approach. Slowly rock forward and back on the feet. When you feel grounded become still and close your eyes. Picture a past experience where you felt powerful and proud. With the memory in mind, begin moving your body to physically express how strong you are. Choose one pose to hold or try different movements, whatever resonates for you. Once your body settles on the fiercest superhero shape, pause and breath. Begin to envision the future where you are successful and reaching your goals. Keep your body in a strong stance and take some deep breathes. Seeing this version of yourself, accomplishing what you set out to do and unleashing your own super powers to get there.

Want to learn more about coaching and tapping into your own superhero? Schedule a coaching chemistry call.

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