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Recognize your self worth

Spring is a season of abundance. The sun shines brighter, birds sing louder and flowers bloom in all their vibrant colors. A hopeful time of year. Despite all the signs of renewal and growth, I feel restless and uncertain at times. Navigating new ideas and ventures in my business. Questioning my own worth and whether I deserve the great things life has to offer.

Do you believe you are worthy of greatness? Do you believe the universe can give you what you truly desire? Abundance is about having enough of what you want, and more. But it all starts with believing you are worthy. When we doubt our own worth, we live in a mindset of scarcity and insecurity. We become competitive and jealous, thinking that if someone else gets what we want, there won't be enough for us. We compare and fall into negative thought patterns affecting the relationships with ourselves and others.

There are many ways we can sabotage our own self worth. We may believe we're not good enough or have double standards for our own value versus the value of others. When was the last time you did something you didn't want to do? Low self worth leads to prioritizing someone else's needs over our own, or saying yes when we really want to say no. We may let other people's expectations guide our decisions, rather than trusting our own instincts.

Here's the simple truth: we are all worthy of greatness. But it's not enough to just say it - we have to truly believe it in our hearts and souls. We need to embody the mindset of worthiness and feel it in every fiber of our being. This takes faith and agency - the sense of control we have over our thoughts, actions and lives. With agency, we trust ourselves and remember we are worthy.

There are many ways to tap into your own worthiness. Here are some affirmations to try:

  • I deserve rest

  • I am important

  • I am loved

  • I can try new things

  • I can make mistakes

  • I deserve kindness

  • I deserve to heal

  • I can say no

You are worthy of an abundance of whatever you truly value. Start each day acknowledging your own worth and end each day knowing you did what you could. Remember, your self worth is determined internally, by you alone. You have the power to control it, regardless of external factors like your job, relationships or possessions. This is a truly empowering realization, because it means you are 100% in control. You cannot ask others to give you something that you don't believe you're worthy of receiving. But when you accept your own worth, you can shine in all your brilliance and receive the abundance life has to offer.

Say it loudly with me, I am worthy of great things!

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