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Recharging my energy

A lot has been going on lately - and truly all awesome things! However, the past few days, I've been super-duper tired. I'm questioning why and feeling a little guilty about it. Realizing that even when we do what we love, we still need rest. There's a quote that says we aren't tired from doing too much; we're tired from doing things that don't light us up. While I believe that is true, we still get worn out from doing what lights us up. Sometimes, we just need a break! Plus, consistent ways to rejuvenate our own energy.

Recognize what makes you tired and what you need to restore: Be honest with yourself about what drains your energy and what helps you recharge. I am outgoing and love connecting with people, but at the end of the day, I am an introvert and need alone time at home. I'll putter around my house doing random things like organizing a cabinet or my closet. I know when I don't have to talk for a bit, I'll feel better and be more present when I interact with the world. I've let go of FOMO and learned the comfort and quietness of my home ground me.

Get back into your routine quickly: So, my exhaustion started from a weekend away teaching at a yoga festival. It was awesome being a yoga presenter, but pretty draining too! I got home and rather than doing my Monday routine, I bought pizza...and ice cream...and didn't do my Monday morning run. Eek. A few days later, I wished I had gotten back to normal right away, even though it felt easier to eat junk food and skip exercise. Routines provide structure and help us regain stability. They anchor us, make it easier to be present, and uphold our well-being.

Ask for help: Don't be afraid to get support - whether it is free from friends or family, or paid by hiring someone. Realize (and really embody this idea) that we can't do it all - and that is okay! It is actually kind of liberating to accept. Learning that "good enough" is sometimes what we need to do to preserve our energy. What tasks at work or home are draining your energy that you can delegate? Can asking for help with just one thing dramatically change your mood? Receiving support can alleviate stress, prevent burnout, and have other people feel needed too.

Take the guilt out of rest: See the benefits of slowing down. It can enhance creativity, boost moods, and improve overall productivity. These days, I take a nap almost every day. It isn't long, typically 15-20 minutes. Something shifts when I rest my eyes, be away from screens, not have to think, and let my body melt into the couch. The hustle culture is overrated and not sustainable. Take the guilt out of resting and feel how it can reinvigorate you for what's next.

Learn for next time and know when to say "no": Pay attention to what led to your energy depletion. Were you overcommitted? Did you neglect to take breaks? Are there tasks, activities, or people that just drain you? Personal growth is acknowledging some things won't fit in your life anymore if you want to preserve your well-being. Understanding these patterns can help you make better choices in the future to protect your energy. Like scheduling less meetings the day you return from vacation or saying no to a dinner out. Sometimes it is okay, and necessary, to say no or walk away.

By recognizing what drains your energy, embracing the necessity of rest, and learning to ask for help, you can better protect your energy and continue doing the things you love without burning out. The next time I have a weekend away, I will skip the takeout pizza and do even a short run when I return. While still celebrating amazing things happening in my life, even if they leave me a bit depleted.

The need for recharging energy after a yoga festival

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