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My Identity Crisis

In marketing we focus on being concise. Define the unique offering, target customer, niche, etc. Be specific and to the point so people aren’t confused with your message. Well, what happens when your business is multiple things and you want to break the rules?! That’s how I feel today.

I’ve been updating my website to better explain what I do. Truthfully, I struggle with my go-to-market message for In The Flow. I don’t want to be too yoga (I actually removed a lot of yoga pictures from my website) because I worry business people won’t take me seriously and hire me to coach their teams. I don’t want all corporate either and only focus on stats and outcomes. It misses a big piece of what I believe. Life isn’t just the end result. Yes, goals are incredibly important but what about the journey? The mistakes we make and lessons we learn when trying something new, reaching (or not) new accomplishments and pushing ourselves to grow. That’s where the magic happens.

I have 4 “jobs” - I work part time in marketing, teach yoga, am a corporate coach and business owner. What a combo. Yet I am really a blend these - even though they feel so different - and so much more. I think we are all like that. Many things feel unrelated and still every piece surfaces into how we work and live. We may want to compartmentalize parts. I’ve struggled with this idea plenty lately! Does presenting myself as a corporate coach and a yoga teacher make me less professional? Why hide who we are though, where we come from or our unique talents? It is all inside us and what makes us great.

So where I am now? I want to lean into all the parts of me, because that makes me a great coach, business woman and yoga instructor. I want to let go of fear from judgement because I don’t fit into a mold of what I think I “should” be. Yes, this may not work for some people and that is okay. We can all be who we are and still treat others with respect, patience and empathy.

So my ask for you today - let all your pieces shine - with kindness. Avoid removing parts of who you are when in different groups or situations. An artist and engineer? Use that creativity to tackle problems in a new way. A singer and manager? Read the audience to better connect with your team. A runner and medical professional? Take that stamina to treat the first patient and the last patient with the same amount of energy.

When we are authentic, we can use every bit of ourselves to succeed. Avoid the identity crisis or instinct to shield whether it be in a corporate setting, meeting new people or in your community. Allow yourself to be brave and use your voice to let others know who you are. I bet you are pretty amazing and the world needs more kind, compassionate, unique souls to make it a better place.

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