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Is perfectionism keeping us stuck?

What’s the last goal you set for yourself? Or change you wanted to make in life? What were the results? Did you never get started or lose your momentum?

I want to talk about how sneaky perfectionism can be to keep us stuck. I know I’ve frequently said I’ll start something “at the perfect time” or can’t do anything “until I'm perfect”. This limiting belief stops me for a number of reasons and then I miss out. When I dig a little deeper, who gets to define what perfect is and do things really need to be perfect to be impactful?

Sure there are many reasons why goals don’t get accomplished. Life happens. Our wants and needs change. We can’t control everything. Yet I want you to get really honest with yourself and think about something you wanted and then it didn’t happen. Without judging yourself, just recognizing it. Get curious and view this as an opportunity for growth. What really stops you from doing things you want to do? Because if we wait until everything is perfect, we may be waiting for a very long time or stuff just wouldn’t happen.

I have 100% struggled with this lately! Putting myself out there writing blogs, making meditation videos, posting on social media. Even talking about what I do is hard for me. Partly because I’m afraid of being judged and mostly because I don’t have it all figured out. I sometimes worry I don’t seem “put together” enough to be a professional executive coach or “knowledgeable enough” to be an amazing yoga teacher. All of it has to do with wanting to be perfect. When I catch myself I can either cycle and ruminate on my perceived shortcomings. OR I can give it a giggle, let it go and move forward.

Want a fun little challenge? Make a mistake on purpose and see how it feels. I’m not talking a huge error to lose your job or hurt someone…just a little whoops (like not matching your socks) and go out in the world boldly. Embrace not being perfect. Embrace your beautiful, messy, brilliant self.

You know what else is cool? Owning and learning from your mistakes. Doing it better next time AND giving yourself a break for not being perfect. Start to look at everything from a more resonate, yes AND perspective. Change the rhetoric from, “I kind of know how to write a blog but its not perfect” to “I know love to write and have a message to share”. Sure, I’m not an english major or winning any writing awards. I also have a story to tell other women from my own experiences that may help you and so here we are! You too have so many things to share, changes you can make for yourself and super powers the world needs. You don’t have to have it all together. Give yourself permission to not be perfect!

I think being imperfect is actually more interesting (and makes you more approachable). So the next time you set a goal, try something new or even just go about your day-to-day ask yourself “what outcome do I want”? Is it to learn, move forward and experience new things? Or to be perfect? My guess is to grow, not be perfect (if you do want perfection, no judgement however maybe we should talk!). Take the stance of a growth mindset. Let yourself fumble and know you are not alone.

Embracing my beautiful, imperfect self

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