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Finding beauty in simplicity

In the summer, life moves fast and the energy is high. The extra sunlight can put our mind and body on overdrive, leaving us buzzing with excitement. While juggling work and life with intensity, I can over complicate things and feel ungrounded. When that happens I embrace simplicity and what I call, coming home to my authentic self. I invite you to explore keeping it simple this season. Slowing down to enjoy less complicated days and more balance in your life.

My favorite practices to embrace simplicity and come home to myself include:

Recognize and acknowledge when you make things over complicated. Faced with challenging situations, we may allow our minds to over analyze and create unnecessary complexity. This can lead to stress, confusion and lack of direction. Becoming aware of this (and not judging ourselves!), let's us see the situation as it really. Reconnecting to reality and what actually has to be done.

Simplify your life. Think about your lifestyle. Are there commitments, relationships or habits unnecessarily complicating your days? Identify these and consciously let go of what no longer serves you. Work on building healthy boundaries. Create space only for what brings you joy and fulfillment. And remember, saying NO is a complete sentence.

Embrace the beauty in nature. From the cycles of the day to the changing seasons, nature reminds us of the most basic tenets of life. For me this is especially evident in the summer on Cape Cod. By observing and immersing ourselves in nature, we can appreciate simplicity in a blooming flower, a bird singing or a sunset. Then apply it to our own lives.

Enjoy simple pleasures. Savor moments of stillness, mindful eating, deep breaths and thoughtful conversations. By focusing on the "little things" we can feel gratitude and a connection to the present moment.

Come home to yourself. Simplicity is not just about decluttering the external parts of our life. It is also about reconnecting with ourselves. Slow down and listen to your inner voice. Make space for the activities that align with your values and passions. When we listen to our own needs and do things that make us feel whole, we rediscover our authentic selves and live with more fulfillment.

Take a few moments and ask yourself:

When do I feel the most at home in my body?

When do I feel the most grounded in my mind?

When do I have moments of clarity and assurance that I'm on the right path?

Try not to over think your answers. Be still, listen to your heart and go with the first things that come to the surface.

For the rest of this summer season, can you embrace the beauty in simplicity? Cultivating an uncluttered and focused mindset and returning home to yourself.

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