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How I define being a coach

I was talking to a friend about my career shift and coaching practice. How what I do is different than a life coach, consultant or mentor. What my training was, how it integrates with my past corporate experience, and what I can accomplish coaching people.

As an executive and leadership development coach, I help women master their career and find balance. Focusing on professional development, new opportunities, and handling challenges. Supporting you through ups and downs and tackling change with confidence and excitement. Learning how to be in control of your own goals and path. I help women work towards the role they want within a company or grow their own business. Being excited to wake up in the morning and make a difference. Eliminating the Sunday Scaries. Most importantly, feeling content with where you are. Having a successful career and a fulfilled life with time for all priorities.

The person being coached is in the driver’s seat of their career and life. You are in charge. I fully support people yet don’t tell you what to do. I offer thought provoking questions and insights to guide and motivate. A coach is not someone who gives the answers. A coach encourages you to develop your own solutions. Meaning you are 100% invested in the path forward and success.

I don’t give answers because there is no right answer from me. I help you find the answer in yourself. Whether it is getting over your fear of public speaking, managing difficult employees, asking for a promotion, taking on a larger role or starting your own company. As a thought partner, we create an action plan for short and long term goals and I hold you accountable to your next steps. We work on gaining clarity around present situations, hopes and fears, and what is holding you back. I am a sounding board for new ideas and hold space in a nonjudgmental and confidential way.

A coaching relationship empowers you to release your potential. A coach doesn’t define you. A coach supports you in developing yourself.

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