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Embracing Change

Today is the fall equinox. A day when light and dark are equal. A day signifying the shift from summer to fall at my home on Cape Cod. A day rooted in change.

I rose at 5:30 this morning and prepared to go for a run before a busy day of teaching yoga and coaching sessions. Starting my day with time to myself while running always helps my mood and energy. As I left my house, the sky was still mostly dark. Slowly before the sun came up everything changed to cotton candy pink and the crescent moon was high in the sky. The wind was picking up, the clouds were moving quickly and even some leaves were starting to come down from trees. As the sun completely rose the sky was blue and I felt blessed to be outside running along the ocean. Everything in nature changes. The seasons, the sun, the moon, the trees, the plants, the weather, the tides. Even the animals change with the seasons.

Working as a coach, I partner with people who want to grow and evolve within their career and life. Yet people resist change. Why is change so hard? I think it is because we cling to what is here now, what we know and think we can control. We fear the unknown, we fear what is different. Embracing change and being comfortable with it is a practice. Being able to evolve is a gift that truly can give us freedom.

With the new season here, give yourself the time to do the inner work and release what no longer serves you. Fall is a time for letting go, for accepting impermanence, for reflection and being grateful for what is. Journal the below prompts with patience, intention, honesty and without judgement.

  • What would it take to create change within your own life?

  • What is holding you back from changing?

  • Are there tradeoffs to explore if you do change?

  • What will happen if you stay exactly where you are?

  • How can you become comfortable with the process of change?

  • What is the best that could happen with this change?

Life is an evolution. We don’t need to fear change. The alternative of everything staying the same is life stopping. As our life evolves, whether quietly or loudly, it is making way for something new that has the potential to be something beautiful. Being rooted in our body and the present moment allows us to trust a little bit more with the world spinning around us. Having faith that whatever comes our way we can handle with grace and a smile.

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