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Do you accomplish goals yet still feel unfulfilled? Does something seem to be missing when you complete what you set out to? Your goals may be misaligned with what is really important to you.


Core values act as our own internal compass, helping us find meaning in everything we do and propelling us forward. By defining your core values, you gain a better understanding of yourself and how you want your life to be and feel.

The Core Values Program is two virtual sessions with exercises done before and after we meet to further your development. After this workshop, you will be able to identify and understand your core values and how they manifest in your life today. You will also have an improved way of living, with your core values guiding your decisions and goals. Moving you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow, in alignment with your true self.

This program is an introduction into coaching and your own personal growth. We meet twice for 60 minutes to discuss what is important to you and how to align your goals with your core values.

Want to learn more? Check out coaching FAQ's or send an email. I'm excited to connect!


With Amy on your team, you don’t have to navigate life’s challenges on your own- she’s in your corner in every way possible. Whether you’re looking to switch jobs, change fields, or transform your whole career outlook, Amy can help you make transitions with ease. More simply, her goal is to help you feel your best because when you feel your best, you will find purpose and meaning at work, in life, and in everything you do.


Amy has many certifications, accolades, education, and experience- but most of all, she has a caring spirit. And she uses her spirit to get you back into the spirit of realizing your true power! I can’t personally thank Amy enough for her words, wisdom, willingness, and wonderful work (through her coaching programs).


My life has changed in the most beautiful ways since partnering with Amy, and if you choose to partner with her, I have no doubt you'll be saying the same thing too!

--Abbey A, Entrepreneur 

Amy is awesome! I have done four leadership coaching sessions with her, and I have gotten so much out of them. When I first started I wasn't sure what to expect, and I was a bit anxious. But that anxiety quickly dissipated, Amy is so easy to talk to and the format wasn't intimidating. A huge thanks for the entire process - I would gladly do it again if given the chance. Highly recommend!

--Alyssa O, Digital Marketing Supervisor

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