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What is coaching?

Coaching is a forward-looking relationship, guiding you on your own journey, and through change. It involves helping you define your goals, setting the next steps to reach them, and supporting you with compassion and without judgement. A coach is there to hold you accountable for reaching your dreams. Working with a coach provides you with a partner who can help you see things differently, explore new options, and someone to bounce ideas off of.

Why would I use a coach?

Coaching engagements may be helpful to you at different points in your life. Typically during transitions such as starting a new job, receiving a promotion, changing career paths, moving, or launching a new business. Coaching can also benefit you when you feel stuck, complacent, or unfulfilled in certain areas of life. You know you want (and are worthy) of more yet don't know how to move forward. A coach will partner with you to define your current situation and your aspirations for the future.

How is this different from therapy?

Therapy tends to look backward, while coaching focuses on the present and how you want the future to look. Therapy and coaching can complement each other in your healing journey while also helping you confidently pursue your dreams.

What does a coach do?

A coach helps you uncover new ways of thinking and achieving. A coach asks questions and listens to what is being said, both verbally and non-verbally. A coach doesn’t tell you what to do; instead, they guide you to generate your own ideas, solutions, and next steps. A coach doesn’t provide answers; they empower you to find your own, all while being patient and supportive throughout the process.

What happens during a coaching session?

One-on-one coaching sessions typically last for an hour via a video call. They begin with a check-in on your current status and the topic you’d like to focus on during that session. The chosen topic serves as the anchor for the rest of the discussion. Be prepared to answer questions, take time to contemplate your current reality, and envision what the future could hold. At the end, there are next steps to further your growth. Have pen and paper close by and be in a quiet space without distractions.

What is the schedule, and how long does coaching last?

Coaching engagements typically last for 6 months. We meet every two weeks for 1 hour to build and maintain momentum.

Can this really benefit me?

Yes, if you put in the work. Like anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. Being present when meeting, coming to the session with an idea of what you’d like to talk about, committing to and holding yourself accountable for the next steps, and completing the exercises between sessions.

What are some of the main reasons people use a coach?

People use a coach for various reasons. Gaining clarity, getting unstuck, navigating change, aligning goals with core values, and developing confidence are the most common topics I see. Having someone to support you fully and help you stay accountable to your own goals is a significant benefit of coaching. While you may have mentors, a supportive boss, a partner, or friends in your life, they often have specific expectations in their relationships with you. A coach is 100% for you. Coaching is about being open to outcomes without being prescriptive or telling you what to do.

What is a life coach versus a leadership coach versus a personal growth coach?

There are many names for a coach. It could be based on the coach's training, the people they choose to work with, their area of expertise - or just fancy marketing. At the end of the day, coaching is a partnership and a thought-provoking, creative engagement that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. The process often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership. There are aspirations you have in life and want someone to guide you to achieve them. To me, it doesn't matter what you call it because it is all for your own development and benefit. Whether you focus on career growth, health and fitness goals, building an executive presence, starting a new business, or moving - it is all life.

Do I have to be at a certain level in my career to do this?

While my certification is as an Executive and Leadership coach, anyone at any stage in their career can benefit from coaching. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to coaching; it is highly personalized for you. So, whether you are in college, starting your first job, changing your career path, just received a significant promotion, or are looking to exit the workforce, coaching could be beneficial.

Are you qualified to do this?

Yes, I am an ACC accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) the standard in the coaching industry. I also have a certification from the University of California, Berkeley, in Executive and Leadership Coaching and am Hogan Assessment Certified. Additionally, I have a Master's Degree (MBA) in Business and Leadership with 18 years of experience in digital marketing and technology. I ended my "first" career as a VP in 2020, where I managed and mentored hundreds of people and led training and employee development programs. I’m also a Yoga and Meditation Instructor (E-RYT 200), registered with the Yoga Alliance and 15 years teaching experience. I integrate all of these qualifications and experience to offer you a holistic, personalized coaching.

How do I pick a coach?

Coaching is a very personal relationship. Credentials and experience are essential, yet most importantly is connection and trust. When thinking about a coach, always talk to the person before signing up for anything. Ask yourself, do you feel at ease having conversations together? Is this someone who I vibe with? Will I feel comfortable getting into intimate details of my life with them? 

How can I learn more?

Book a free 30-minute call with me or send me an email. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about coaching and how it can improve your life. You can also hear me talk about coaching in this recent interview.

How much does it cost?

I view coaching as a form of self-care and an investment in oneself that yields immediate and ongoing benefits. Custom Coaching Engagements span six months or more and I offer sliding-scale pricing tailored to your individual circumstances and goals. Let have a chemistry call to gauge compatibility, and if we are a match, I send a proposal for your consideration. All programs include unlimited communication between sessions along with 1:1 hourly zoom meetings and relevant life-work exercises.

Do you have any free resources I can try?

I do! Visit this page to learn more about and receive a free Life Audit Workbook. The PDF of the workbook will be emailed to you within 24 hours. 

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