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Spend the next season focused on gaining clarity and courage, then building a plan to achieve what you truly want. The 3-month Personal Growth Program is for women to connect to their inner desires and strength. Empowering you to get clear on your ideal life and the next steps to take for personal and professional fulfillment.


Program Highlights

Six virtual 1:1 coaching sessions for 1 hour each

Focus on uncovering your core values, gaining clarity on your ideal life, being more intentional, creating a plan for action

Guided meditations to access your motivation and intuition

Relevant life work exercises

Accountability partner for 100% unbiased support

Email communication between sessions

Feel clear and confident on what you want and have a plan to make it happen

Let's work together to get clarity on your true desires and create an action plan to make them happen!

The Personal Growth Program is a great way to learn more about your true desires and how coaching can benefit for you. Complete the form for information on this custom program, dedicated to your development and fulfillment.

Unsure about coaching? Check out Coaching FAQ's.


"This program helped me understand the "why" behind what I want in life. It allowed me to get to the conclusion of what I needed to do to get to where I wanted to be. It did a deeper dive into topics that I otherwise most likely wouldn't have explored. It allowed me to have a different but fresh perspective on what truly made me happy. It gave me the tools to tackle real-life challenges that I was experiencing and how to cope with challenges I may face in the future. What I walked away with, I will continue to use in my day-to-day life. I highly recommend this program if you are trying to make long-lasting changes and learn new life skills."

---Rebecca, Senior Product Marketing Manager

"Amy provided thoughtful (but not overly taxing) exercises before each session that provided me the ability to be introspective on my own and then take what I discovered about myself and turn it into an action plan. Amy is caring, compassionate, and attentive during the sessions and helped me believe things I want to achieve to be possible."

---Heather, Attorney

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