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Custom program for leaders to learn valuable skills, support each other, and enhance their potential. Through training, group facilitation and 1:1 coaching, tools and action plans are created to face new opportunities, learn new ways to handle challenges, and be equipped to navigate change.​ Potential topics include:

  • Leadership reflection exercises

  • Empathetic leadership to build trust and support in teams

  • Leading and inspiring styles versus managing 

  • Active listening and universal communication principles

  • Enhancing executive presence

  • Building confidence

  • Hogan Assessments


Offered virtually or in-person.​ Custom packages for your organization can include leadership development with off-site facilitation. I am a Certified Hogan Assessor and provide assessments, debriefs, and development plans for leaders.


Work and life will always be busy. Mindfulness teaches us to be present, stay calm, and release judgement around stressful situations. One-time or ongoing sessions to teach employees how to show up with presence and patience in the workplace plus build their own mindfulness practice. Benefits of corporate mindfulness programs include:

  • Cultivates trust

  • Motivates others

  • Minimizes mistakes

  • Enhances focus

  • Builds team moral 

  • Promotes equality

  • Boosts creativity

  • Improves communication

Offered virtually or in-person.​ Custom packages for your organization can include employee wellness retreat development, with off-site planning and facilitation.




If you run employee development programs, let's talk! All services are customized to fit your company's needs.

Weekly Yoga: Enjoy the benefits of in-person or virtual yoga sessions as a great addition to your employee benefits package.

Workshops: From a few hours to a full day, workshops cover a range of topics including mindfulness in the workplace, gentle movement, team building, stress reduction, and leadership training. These programs are also ideal for corporate off-sites, executive retreats, or new employee onboarding programs.

1:1 Leadership Coaching: As an ICF certified Executive and Leadership Coach trained at UC Berkeley, I offer 6 or 12-month engagements tailored to employee development and growth.


Let's work together to unlock your team's potential.

Thank you! I'll be in touch soon.


"Amy led a virtual mindfulness workshop for my company as part of Mental Health Awareness month. The session was a huge success!


Amy helped to educate our staff on mindfulness as a concept and how to practice it, particularly in a work environment. She provided some follow up materials which will be helpful for people to go back to. Part of the workshop was a guided meditation and many team members commented on how soothing and relaxing Amy's voice was!


Amy was very professional and great to work with for planning! We connected ahead of the workshop to talk about company-specific goals and any concerns we had before the session. As this was a virtual session (our employees are spread out all across the country!), it was great that Amy made sure to sign into the event early and run a technology check. It helped everything go smoothly so that we could start on time.


I would definitely recommend Amy's services to anyone looking to work with her! She takes the time to customize to your needs and will work to ensure it's valuable for all participants."

--Tara C, VP of Operations at Boston Startup

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