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Aries New Moon Intentions

New moon, new month, new season, new beginnings. I walked this morning and Cape Cod is slowly feeling like spring, a time of rebirth. Tomorrow is the start of April and the new moon in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and astrological calendar. Aries represents renewal, creation, a clean slate, motivation, purpose. New energy and new possibilities are everywhere!

New moons are times to set intentions around how we want to live. Aries being the first sign in astrology amplifies energy around starting fresh. If moon energy is new to you, I recommend the 12-month Moon Workbook from Spirit Daughter. I subscribed to the new moon printed version a few years ago and both the illustrations and insights are lovely. They are informative and offer thought provoking questions.

Creating intentions can seem overwhelming. I’ve lost steam when making them too difficult and judged myself for it. For this moon cycle, start simple when making a new moon intention. Set two alarms in the morning, one for the time you typically wake up and one for fifteen minutes earlier. When the first alarm goes off, enjoy a full body stretch. Lay on your back with your hands on your stomach, eyes closed. Breathe in and out through the nose and remember one thing from the prior day you are grateful for. Focus your thoughts on your breathing and gratitude. Relax the body and mind in bed until the second alarm, your normal wakeup time, goes off. Resist looking at your phone or thinking about your to-do list during these fifteen minutes for yourself.

Other new moon intention ideas centered on starting the day:

  • Begin a gratitude journal or gratitude jar. Write one thing you are grateful for each morning.

  • Go outside for a short walk or just stand in nature for 20 minutes. A local park, neighborhood, backyard, mountains or beach. Anywhere you feel mother earth.

  • Spend 20 minutes reading a book that inspires you. My favorite authors for personal growth include Pema Chodron and Brené Brown. Also Michael Singer’s book The Surrender Experiment.

  • Have a daily affirmation or one for weekdays and another for weekends. Set an alarm to display the affirmation a few times a day. Write it in your journal and calendar. Put it on your mirror to see every morning. Say it (shout it!) out loud to yourself often. Daily affirmations include:

    • I am worthy

    • I believe in myself

    • I listen to my intuition

    • I exude grace for myself and others

    • I release perfectionism

    • I am brave

    • I listen and respond to my own needs first

The way I begin my morning sets the tone for my entire day and I’m not alone. Many successful people wake up (very!) early and have a strong morning practice. The book The 5AM Club researched and outlined proven morning habits and strategies.

The ideas above are a few examples to get you started. If these don't resonate with you, take time to create your own new moon intention aligned with the qualities of Aries. Write it out, embody it every day and manifest new beginnings in your life.

I love the excitement around a fresh start. Embracing what's next, even when unknown, with an open heart. This requires courageous vulnerability. Intention setting is meant to be empowering and inspiring, a way to connect inward and live the fullest version of your life. Let go of expectations and results and find joy in the practice.

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