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A morning run leads to a new career

On January 27, 2022 I was running on a beach in Costa Rica. It was the end of a 3 week yoga training in Nosara and I was content. Enjoying the sunrise, watching surfers and being in nature. I had a busy day ahead of me and these moments of solitude during my daily run kept me grounded throughout my training. When I came to my turnaround spot, I just stopped. Something was in my head. Something new, something different, a longing for change.

October 2020 I ended a 16 year job in marketing. I was fortunate to take time to travel, figure out what’s next and just relax! I took a trips around the US and Costa Rica. I learned more about yoga, tried to learn Spanish, camped, hiked, saw diverse beauty in nature and met incredible people. I did things I never thought I could do and lived in the moment. I knew I’d go back to working and planned to do something similar to my previous role, what I had experience in. I thought if I work remotely and escape winter in a new location every year, life would be perfect.

That morning in Costa Rica, something shifted in my mind. I wanted something different. I had a vision of helping women build their careers in the way they want to. Being strong, empowered and confident. Having fulfillment in work and life. This vision had me weaving in my experience managing and mentoring people, training teams and growing my own career to become a VP. Then bringing in what keeps me grounded through yoga, meditation, self work and reflection. I thought about how this could come together plus be impactful. I wanted this to be my job and my own business. As ideas swirled in my mind, a level of excitement that was new to me was building.

So here I am, 6 months later. Writing this blog post. Starting my own business - In The Flow. Coaching as much as possible to get better and finish my certification. Networking with old co-workers, researching other coaching businesses, partnering with mentors and trying to figure this all out. Getting comfortable with calling myself an Executive and Leadership Coach as well as a Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher. Working hard to stay positive, focused and motivated. Not lose my confidence or give up on myself. I know with hard work, I can do this and help other women release their own potential.

A teacher in Costa Rica shared “Consistency + Miracles = Manifestations”. When we are fully open in the present moment, listening to our intuition, anything is possible. The beach that January morning was an aha moment. I could go back to my previous path working a stable job in marketing. Or take a chance on myself and do something outside of my comfort zone, with the purpose of serving other women. No looking back now.

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